Bed & Breakfast at the Countryside
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Our pride, the food is cooked according to the village’s rules, to remind you why Romanian traditional cuisine is so appreciated. Uneasy thoughts of restaurants that are up for a profit , our authentic recipes are right at home at The Countryside.

Vegetables from our own garden or tender lamb chops, all our ingredients are carefully selected to be the very best. We always cook right beside you, you can see the polenta frying on the hob, the beef browning, the chicken stew boiling. At the end, we can even give you the recipe, if you want it, because at The Countryside, the people aren’t secretive. If you’re curious how we’ve smoked the bacon, or how we filled the sausages, or how we cooked the eggplants, how we made the cabbage rolls or the beans got beaten so well, the answer is simple: we use seasonal ingredients and we make them in a traditional manner.

So easy, so good! If you’re not curious, just enjoy them and Bon appetit! Of course, even though we’re at The Countryside, we always use professional tools and techniques. When you can, surely, because large kettles and clay bowls can’t be washed in the dish washing machine.

We tell you this, for now: we’ve gathered forest fruits all summer and we’ve made cranberries, cherry and raspberry brandies. Did we forget to talk about our yellow plum brandy, our tuica? Of course not, we don’t talk about it, we talk after we have it!

Have a good appetite!