Bed & Breakfast at the Countryside
1. Our pride, the food
Our food is prepared by all the rules of the village, will remind you why the traditional Romanian kitchen is so appreciated. Tortured by all the restaurants thinking only about an increase in profits, the authentic recipes are at home in the countryside. No matter whether we talk about the vegetables from our garden or the tender mutton, all the ingredients are carefully chosen by a person who only wants the best. We always cook near you, so that you see how the mamaliga (polenta) boils on the cooking stove, how the veal roasts or the soup boils. At the end, we’ll give you the recipe if you want it; people are not secretive in the countryside.
2. If you are curious... we smoked the bacon, filled the sausages by hand, baked the eggplants you see in the salad, prepared the sarmale (cabbage rolls filled with minced meat) or the fasole batuta (white beans mashed) so well, the truth is that we used seasonal ingredients and applied traditional methods. So simple, yet so tasty! If you aren’t curios at all, just enjoy them! Even though we are in the countryside, of course we use utensils and professional techniques! Whenever it’s possible though, because, what can we do, the big pans and the clay pots can’t be washed in the dishwasher. We’ve got only one thing to tell you: we’ve been picking up berries all summer long and we’ve prepared a blueberry-cherry- raspberry cocktail that will make you lick your lips! This, of course, if it ended up on your lips! And …so I don’t forget, did I mention anything about the yellow plum brandy (tuica)? Of course not, we don’t talk about it, we talk after it!
3. Enjoy!